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Thermos Foogo & Funtainer (355ml Bottle) Replacement Straws And Mouthpieces B - 2 Pack

Thermos Foogo & Funtainer (355ml Bottle) Replacement Straws And Mouthpieces B - 2 Pack

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The Replacement Straws and Mouthpieces B from Thermos comes in pack of 2 so you will never run out of spare parts (for 355ml Funtainer Bottle)!

The pack includes:

  • 2 Mouthpieces B - The mouthpiece is the silicon valve that fits into the lid of the bottle and comes out of the top to form the part that you drink from.
  • 2 Straws B - The straw is a separate part, that fits into the Mouthpiece valve, and goes inside the bottle.
There are 2 types of Thermos mouthpieces and 2 types of Thermos Straws:
  • Mouthpiece B: For the older style Foogo and Funtainer Straw bottle.
  • Mouthpiece C: Currently suitable for Firetruck and Hello Kitty Funtainer only.
  • Straw B: Approximately 15cm long and fits Mouthpiece B (355ml Funtainer bottle)
  • Straw C: Approximately 12.7cm long and fits Mouthpiece C only (355ml Funtainer bottle)

This listing is for Thermos Replacement Straw B which is suitable for:

Older style Foogo Straw Drink Bottle (button on the lid is an egg shape - available at Motherslove)


the below Funtainer Straw Drink Bottles (Excluding new designs such as Hello Kitty and Fire Truck)

  • Art
  • Action
  • Blue Camo
  • Pink Butterfly
  • Camo Chic
  • Dancer
  • Dora
  • Flower
  • Fun
  • Mod Floral
  • Multi Sports
  • Safari
  • Sponge Bob

Please Note: Hello Kitty and Fire Truck bottles are newer bottle and it requires a Mouthpiece C and Straw C.

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