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Dr Browns 270ml Wide Neck Options Baby Bottle

Dr Browns 270ml Wide Neck Options Baby Bottle

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The new 'Options' baby bottle from Dr Browns brings you the benefit of the Dr Browns Natural Flow® system, but also the option to use the bottle without the vent system when baby overcomes feeding difficulties, and you want an easier time cleaning the bottles without the extra parts.

Dr Brown's wide neck bottle is BPA free and uses the vented Natural Flow® design to reduce spit-up, burping and gas. The Natural Flow® vent design used in Dr Browns bottles allows your baby to nurse without fighting the negative effects of a vacuum or the discomfort of ingesting air bubbles. This helps relieve suffering from an upset tummy, colic, excessive wind or gas, or spit-up. The free flow of milk from the positive pressure at the nipple also eliminates nipple collapse, and can help reduce the build up of fluid in baby's ear.

Dr Brown's baby bottles and Natural Flow® vent system are made from baby safe BPA free polypropylene plastic. The vent system is also easy to clean as it can be quickly removed and separated, and comes with a complementary ‘pipe cleaning’ brush for thorough cleaning.

Dr Brown's 270ml BPA free wide neck baby bottle includes

  • 1 polypropylene 270ml wide neck baby bottle.
  • 1 level 1 silicone wide neck teat (suitable for 0-3 mths).
  • 1 two-piece anti-colic internal vent (optional to use).
  • 1 cap to keep the teat clean (not travel caps).
  • 1 vent cleaning brush.
  • Instructions.

Please note: due to the internal vent system Dr Browns Bottles can 'leak' if care is not taken. To avoid mishap during travel, use travel caps (sold separately), or carry water in a separate water tight container, not in the bottles. To avoid milk coming out the vent during use, heat the bottles with the top and vent system removed, and then insert once the bottle is at a safe temperature for feeding. If the internal vent is left in during heating, pressure build up can push milk up the internal vent and come out during feeding.

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